Fresh Passion Fruit

Provided to you by the Tropical Fruit Company of Homestead, these top quality, fresh, passion fruit can be sent directly to you from Florida.  Note that fruit are sweetest when the skin is wrinkled. Passion fruit is also known as parcha, parchita and maracuja in Hispanic countries. We have mostly purple passion fruit. We also have a few red and yellow passion fruit.

Passion Fruit Key Benefits

[Bullet] Lowers cholesterol and packed with vision protecting vitamin A
[Bullet] Fresh produce, picked at peak of maturity
[Bullet] Competitive price
[Bullet] Shipped directly to you from the production fields
Passion Fruit Facts and Uses
Make your own Alizé ©. Passion in a Glass
Passion Fruit Recipes


A few fresh passion fruit are currently available.


When ordering figure 5 - 7 fruit per pound.  

Prices do not  include Shipping Charges from Homestead, Florida 33031. *See note below.

Bulk Passion Fruit Pack
(not graded for fruit size or color)

Currently Limited Quantities

Weight Pricey

6 lbs. $24.89 None
8 lbs $31.95 None
#2 fruitz $9.50/ 6 lbsw None


Purple and Mixed Yellow & Purple Fruit Packed in Flatsx
Fruit count/flat Size of fruit Single flat price Availability
36 a medium egg Not available
32 a large egg Not available
28 a tennis ball Not available
24 a small orange Not available

Fruit Are Currently Available

*We ship fruit that is mature, but not fully ripe so that it will be in prime condition upon arrival. When ordering No.2s remember that on occasion a few fruit may not survive shipment.


w check for specials
xFruit packed in flats are sold as either all purple, all yellow or a mixture of the two colors.
y Prices on bulk fruit are based on not being graded for size or color. Graded bulk fruit are sold at a higher price.
z #2 fruit are are all good for juicing, but are blemished or undersize. A small amount of loss (one or two fruit) may occur in shipment, if fruit are in route more than 3 days. Fruit are not guaranteed to be 100% usable upon arrival.

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